Why perfume is so important in customer experience ?

Why perfume is so important in customer experience ?


Perfume, or olfactive feeling, is often forgotten from the customer experience, but it is actually very primordial. Indeed, try to close your eyes and smell what is around you. You’ll be surprised by the quantity of images that will appear.

Perfume is a marker that participates to your well-being, and you will remember nice or bad feeling… it’s human and this sense transmits the mood.

Today’s technology can be included in your global in-store / public place digital strategy. These technologies can be autonomous, or can be integrated within the A/C, are safe to use, and easy to implement. You can choose existing flavors or create your own fragrance.

Again, try to imagine the customer journey and feeling, and you will be aware of the importance of a fragrance close to your brand image.

This technology could also be used for small surfaces with small autonomous systems with the same experience as Nespresso machines, with refill capsules and dry technology.

Finally, for perfumers, this technology can be adapted to self-tester systems to try & smell your favorite perfume.

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